Joint Board of Directors of the Tri-Dam Project/
Commissioners of the Tri-Dam Power Authority

Oakdale Irrigation District Directors
Al Bairos, Jr.
Frank Clark
Herman Doornenbal
Gary Osmundson
Steve Webb

South San Joaquin Irrigation District Directors
John Holbrook
Bob Holmes
Dave Kamper
Dale Kuil
Ralph Roos

Members of the Joint Board of Directors and Commissioners may be contacted through their
respective irrigation district offices.

Oakdale Irrigation District (209) 847-0341
South San Joaquin Irrigation District (209) 249-4600

Tri-Dam Project Staff

General Manager, Ron Berry
(209) 965-3996, ext. 120

Finance and Administrative Manager, Rick Dodge
(209) 965-3996, ext. 123

License Compliance Coordinator / Tulloch, Susan Larson
(209) 965-3996, ext. 148

Maintenance Supervisor, Tom Ruhl
(209) 965-3996, ext. 122

Operations Supervisor, Tim Townsend
(209) 965-3996, ext. 121