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Road Conditions

Forest, trees, and fog

Access to Donnells Reservoir and to Beardsley Reservoir is via US Forest Service roads which are subject to regular closure due to snow and ice conditions and to rock falls (especially the road to Donnells Reservoir).

Road status conditions (open to public travel or closed to public travel) are available on this website. Tri-Dam staff accesses these roads on a daily basis using tracked vehicles and heavy equipment when necessary.

In the event of snow, ice, or rock fall conditions the gates to these roads will be closed.


Donnells Road Information:

The 4700 Rd. is closed indefinitely due to Storm Damage. 

Updated: 02.26.2024


Beardsley Road Information:

Beardsley Road is closed for the season: The Stanislaus National Forest has announced the commencement of seasonal closures for designated National Forest System roads and trails open to motor vehicle use.  These closures are effective from December 16, 2023, through April 14, 2024. For additional information please contact the Summit Ranger Station, 209-965-3434.


The TeleLi puLaya (Black Oak) Campground: This campground is closed for the season. Questions? Please call the Summit Ranger Station, 209-965-3434.

Updated: 02.26.2024