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Tulloch Reservoir Permitting Process

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As noted above, Tri-Dam is required through its license with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) to review and authorize any activity in and around the reservoir within the boundaries established by FERC. For Tulloch Reservoir, the FERC defined project boundary includes all lands at the 515’ contour elevation and below. These elevations are based upon the elevation of the dam, and adjacent benchmarks which are also linked with water level elevations. Tri-Dam processes permits for all activities, both residential and commercial including but not limited to docks, decks, structures, erosion control devices, seawalls, excavation and marinas. FERC requires agencies such as Tri-Dam to develop a Shoreline Management Plan (SMP) which contains the rules and regulations governing facilities within the FERC project boundary. A link to that document is listed below.

The following links will help to explain and guide landowners through the development process:

1. Application Process Overview2. Application Contents & Instructions3. Application Form

This application form is used for all types of permits requested, including docks, erosion protection devices/seawalls, decks, homes and related structures. This same form is also used for remodels/repairs/additional to existing permitted facilities.

4. Pre-Application Form 

This form is to be used when applicants would like a formal pre-application review and meeting.

5. Extension of Time Request Form 

To be used when requesting an extension for an active permit.

6. Variance Application Form 7. Vegetation Management - Bottom Barrier Mats8. Shoreline Management Plan.


Depending on the type of project you are hoping to accomplish within the Tulloch Project boundaries, other governing agencies may require additional permits. If required, these other permits must be obtained before the project can begin. Below is a list of agencies that often require an issued permit for common projects like docks, decks, excavation, riprap, retaining walls, etc., within the project boundary of Tulloch Reservoir.

Each agency may have different regional points of contact based on whether your property is in Tuolumne or Calaveras County. If applicable, the property owner is responsible for obtaining any other required permit.

Tri-Dam’s goal is to administer a straightforward and efficient permitting process, while also adhering to FERC directives, environmental considerations and the regulatory authority of other local, State and Federal agencies who also may also have jurisdiction based upon the specific project. Recognizing that these regulations, along with the concept of development along a reservoir may seem complex, Tri-Dam welcomes any questions that you might have about the permitting process. Please contact Justin Calbert at or (209) 965-3996, x 148 with any additional questions that you might have.