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Tulloch Reservoir 

May contain: outdoors, water, plant, and vegetation

Tri-Dam operates Tulloch Reservoir under the guidelines of a license issued by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). Like many reservoir throughout the Country, electricity is generated at a powerhouse structure located adjacent to the dam at the south end of the reservoir. While many of the lands around the reservoir are privately owned, part of the FERC license requires Tri-Dam to review and issue permit for construction activities in and around the reservoir for all projects located at the 515’ contour elevation and below. Types of activities for which permits are required are the installation, remodel or replacement of docks, excavation, homes, decks, and erosion control devices/seawalls. In addition to obtaining permits from Tri-Dam, permits from other agencies may also be required including the County of Calaveras and/or Tuolumne, California Department of Fish & Wildlife, United States Army Corps of Engineers, and Homeowners Association.

Public access to the Reservoir is available at South Shore (Lake Tulloch Marina & Campground) via Tulloch Dam Road off of Highway 108. For recreation information please visit:

Access to the reservoir along the North Shore via O’Byrne’s Ferry Road is primarily by private homeowners’ facilities and privately operated commercial marinas.