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Tulloch Reservoir Encroachment Permits,  October 17, 2009

The land under the waters of Tulloch Reservoir and the lands surrounding the shoreline are, for the most part, reserved for the use of Tri-Dam Project in carrying out its responsibilities attendant to the operation of Tulloch Dam and Reservoir. Construction of docks, slips, and structures which are built on or over such land requires application for and issuance of an encroachment permit from Tri-Dam Project in addition to whatever permits may be required by local government. Grading, soil removal, changes to the embankments, fill, and, essentially, any change to the natural shoreline requires, additionally, a permit from the US Army Corps of Engineers.

Information about the applying for an encroachment permit from Tri-Dam Project may be obtained from Tri-Dam’s Tulloch Coordinator, Susan Larson. She may be reached at Further information is available on the following downloadable documents:

Tri-Dam Encroachment Permit Application ProcessTri-Dam Encroachment Permit Application