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Tulloch Reservoir Permit Fees

In order to offset some of the costs associated with the processing and administration of permits at Tulloch, Tri-Dam’s Board of Directors has adopted the following application fees. Please read the 2024 FAQ for Tulloch Permits.

2024 FAQ's for Tulloch Permits.pdf
New Facilities, including replacement facilities$1,500.00
Additions to existing permitted facilities$750.00
Request for Variance Application$750.00
Pre-Application Consultation (2-3 hours)$250.00
Pre-Application Consultation (4-5 hours)$500.00
Extension of Time$150.00
Performance Deposit$3,000.00
Low Water Supports$250.00
Personal Water Craft Port Replacement Only$150.00
Vegetative Management (Bottom Barrier Mats)$300.00
Vegetative Management (Other)$500.00
Permit Change Request$400.00
Re-inspection Fee$150.00
“After the Fact” Additional Permit Fee$250.00-$3,000.00*
*Added to the Specific Permit Fee