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Tulloch Reservoir Update for August 20, 2015

Tri-Dam continues to await the fall/winter draw down schedule from the Bureau of Reclamation (Bureau). During teleconferences this week, the Bureau advises that they have delayed preparation of the actual schedule due to the need to monitor temperatures along the river system below Tulloch. The Bureau does expect to open the low level valve at New Melones no later than Wednesday, August 26, 2015, and release water into Tulloch while monitoring temperatures. This water would be balanced with releases from Tulloch such that there is no anticipated change in water levels at Tulloch during this time period. Given this information, Tri-Dam is optimistic that daily average normal operating levels at Tulloch (506.5’ – 509.5’) could be maintained through September 7, 2015. Please continue to watch this website for the actual schedule, which will be posted here immediately upon it’s receipt from the Bureau.