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Tulloch Spring/Summer Season Electrical Tips, April 8, 2021

Hope this message finds you safe and healthy. The reservoir levels are rising, and the mild spring weather has many of you getting ready for the summer recreation season.

While there are a number of routine items that most property owners perform, many of you would be surprised to hear of the incidents involving electrocution, including injuries and deaths to children and adults at lakes and reservoirs across the country. These incidents can be caused by faulty electricity devices in and around the water. Tri-Dam is extremely concerned about the personal safety of everyone at Tulloch, and we want anyone who uses the reservoir to have fun and be safe. That being said, this information is provided so that you can provide better assurance of safety for your own facilities.

All docks need continual inspection by their owners. Water movement can cause wear on your dock’s electrical equipment. Monthly ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) testing of electrical equipment and bonding wires is recommended. During the winter, wires and electrical outlets can deteriorate due to freezing and thawing. Moving docks during the low water drawdowns require that the re-connection be done correctly. Electrical equipment that worked well the prior season should be inspected before using the dock again. Electrical problems in or near the house and lines feeding the dock can cause life-threatening problems, even with docks that meet current code and have been inspected. While all current permit applications processed by Tri-Dam include conditions that require the property owner to provide certification that electrical facilities installed within the Project Boundary conform with the requirements of the National Electric Code (NEC), older facilities may not have been designed to current standards. Whether new or older, all owners of waterfront property with electrical facilities should have them inspected regularly by a licensed electrician to ensure safe operation.

In addition, the following advice is suggested:

  1.  Never swim around a dock where breakers or GFCI’s are tripping.
    HEED the warning signs! If in doubt, swim away from the dock and get out of the water! If a breaker of GFCI trips, something is wrong and the dock should be considered unsafe until a qualified electrician inspects and fixes the problem.
  2. Never attempt to energize or re-energize, engage a breaker, or reset a GFCI while someone is swimming near the dock.
    Get the dock inspected and fixed before using the dock or swimming nearby.
  3. Do not touch any part of the dock or adjacent docks if a tingle or shock is felt.
    Swim away or walk away from the dock, cables and attachments. Exit the water away from the source of the shock. If possible, swim to the shoreline and exit there.

Please contact me if you need any help, or if you have any questions about your facilities, permitting requirements and any other items.


Susan Larson
License Compliance

PO Box 1158
Pinecrest, CA 95364
Telephone: (209) 965-3996, x148
Facsimile: (209) 965-4235